Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leave Me Alone

Tolong la Keluar dari hidup aku sekarang
aku tak perlukan kau
aku tak perlukan kawan macam kau
aku tak perlu dan aku tak suka orang yang memekak malam2 buta coz aku perlukan rest ok
aku tak perlukan orang temankan aku pegi makan
aku tak perlukan sape2 utk buat aku happy,
aku perlukan teman yang memahami bukan teman yang buat2 xfaham macam kau
aku xsuka orang yang xde adab main langgar je
aku xsuka orang yang xpandai hormat hak peribadi orang lain
aku xperlukan orang yang suka sakitkan hati aku dengan perangai immature kau
kau memang annoying,,blah la..
aku lebih suka hidup sorang2 coz aku bebas nak buat ape yang aku nak!!!

Blah la wei Blah!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Macam Sial

Buto La Kau...
Gua Kecewa La Dengan Lu..
Mana Setia Kau??? Mana???

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The community shield(2009/2010) utd vs chelsea

The match against chelsea in the community shield is my first major competitive game..which is very important to established myself in the league...Carlo ancelloti of cause will not giving me an easy game because chelsea squad right now is hunger for success after haven't win the league for two season play against ancelloti is very challenging and i just hope for the prediction is they gonna control the midfield in this game, so i have to be careful and play counter attacking football...
 this is the line up

i like to play counter attacking football even though my team is consider strong enough to pull on the challenge of chelsea...i played with 4-5-1 formation...antonio valencia is injuured during the pre season friendly match so i hope park ji sung can play his part on the right side of the pitch...
i am very worried with the domination of chelsea in the i play very defensively and shout out for the best...chelsea is a very good team..their passing is accurate especially Frank Lampard..he is the most creative player on the pitch right now and play integral part in making the move for his team...
the first goal came from Diddier Drogba in 40th minute after shot from Rooney deflected by Vidic and Ferdinand lost his man..
to balance chelsea domination i played with control ball because i believe Carlo Ancelloti will go defensive after get his first goal...i just hope the first half time will end faster because the injury of Juan Mata concerned me..however beside the injury, he play very well with his nice crossing and dribling ability..David Villa however have been marked by Mikel and Terry...the first half is over and chelsea lead with 1-0..

this is the first game for David Villa, Hamsik,Renan and i dont wanna put pressure on them in the changing room..i have selected Stevan Jovetic to replace Juan Mata and Balotelli for Park Ji Sung to strenghten my flanks...

the second half started and i played an attacking football...Ferdinand play very well today,he intercept many dangerous passes into my box...i think i have been lucky because Frank Lampard did not have the best game after i marked him with Miguel Velosso.
my first goal came from David Villa in the 53 minute after MIkel missed interception and give the ball to Balotelli to launch the counter attack...Balotelli passed the ball to David Villa in the midfield and Villa with his amazing dribbling technique run from the middle to the box and trick fuc-king Terry and score from a tight angle...his goal debut and my first goal in FM 2010(thankz to Villa)...

Chelsea change back to an offensive style and i change to contol the ball and narrow my width to intrecept passes from the midfiled..its going very well when Balotelli was given free kick,he then crosses the middle of the and Bosingwa make a mistake tackling David Villa in the penalty box...Hamsik then take the penalty shoot....the ball from Hamsik is save by Peter Cech and rebound back to Hamsik and Hamsik score a close range shoot...

Lady Luck smile to me and my squad motivation rise to win this game for the fans...that makes 2-1 for the Red Devils...

chelsea started to protect my lead i bring the fastest boys in my team=Anderson to strenghten the midfield..David Villa then score a very nice free kick from 30 yards to put it 3-1 in the injury time...and we win the Community Shield!!!,

what a relief..

This is the match analysis:

David Villa selected as the man of the match today after his contribution to the team..
What a game to come back fro 0-1 to 3-1...incidentally the real community shield 2010/2011 game man utd vs chelsea also end up with 3-1...just remember Javier Hernandez score on his debut with his face...haha..and berbatov very amazing.. I LOVE BERBA FOREVER!!!
till next time...bye bye=>

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lazy wizard who manage man utd in Football Manager 2010

This is my first season in Football Manager 2010 and I have decided to manage Man Utd.The reason i want to manage man utd (not to get rid Alex F of coz) is because of its stature and because this is the only club that i will die for. The first Football Manager That i play was FM 2007 which is totally give me obsession to this game. This game is really f***ing crazy..and i love every single part of it..
Managing Man Utd give a very very big satisfaction to me although some other manager in this game decided to play with other club without enormous stature with the hope to break the barrier and test their tactical skill against the Big Boys. i really hope i didnt get criticize because managing this big club..
Media prediction is for Man Utd to win the title this season and i have determine to prove them right. the board have given me option about transfer budget to win the tittle or to be tittle challenger and i have decided to take the tittle challenger option which they gave me 99M to be spend in the transfer market. I have a few players in mind to bring to Old Trafford to strenghten my squad and get rid some few players..
with most of the players in the squad has getting older..i decided to bring a new AML, a new striker, a new goalkeeper, potential midfielder and new defender...which mean i want to totally change the squad and get rid of some of Ferguson's boys. This is because players like giggs,scholes,rooney will find it hard to play for a manager with no reputation like me..besides i dont need silly rooney in my i sell rooney to chelsea for 55M..
for your information i cheat on this game to get David Villa, Juan Matta, Balotelli, Davide Santon and Marek Hamsik for 1M and i dont care if you wanna call me a cheater...this is for satisfaction and come on,this is just a game..who cares if i cheat..
so this is the transfer history untill the game i play now..

For your information, when i write this blog i already gone through champions cup semi final against Italian Juventus...

the friendly match before the kick-off of the new season is going very very well and i firmly believe with the players that i have through cheating will bring confidence to the whole squad

i have decided to use 4-5-1 formation which i think is very suitable in the premier division the same time i didnt like to concede too many goals because it is very intimidating to watch the other team score..try to past my strong fortress if you dare..
this is my first eleven..

the lazy wizard story to be continued...(tired of typing)..
next time i will continue on important and decisive match..playing against chelsea in community shield..winning the league tittle..match against Juventus in quarter final of champions cup and much more to come..stay tuned..